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Virginia College Online Criminal Justice School:
Virginia College was opened in 1983 and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). It is located in 3 cites (Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile) in the state of Alabama.Virginia College offers online degrees in Paralegal Studies and Criminal Justice. You can get the following degrees:

a. Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies
b. Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
c. Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice
d. Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

Virginia College Online teaches you the basics of online learning. This way they know you are equipped to succeed in their program. They make the following classes part of their online curriculum:

a. Keyboarding
b. Learning Framework
c. Spreadsheets
d. Word Processing

In the associate of science in paralegal studies program you are prepared to assist attorneys in the legal field. You will learn legal office procedures, legal research, legal writing, and delivery of legal services. You will take such courses as:

a. Technology Application in the Legal Office
b. Paralegal Drafting
c. The American Legal System
d. Tort Law
e. Etc.

The associate of criminal justice program will teach you justice science. You will gain broad and in-depth knowledge in the fields of corrections, security, and criminology. You will be able to trace the history of juvenile justice system and the developments in the structure of American court system. You can expect to take classes in:

a. Police in America
b. Criminal Procedure
c. Private Security
d. Corrections
e. Etc.

The online bachelor’s of science in criminal justice will equip you with knowledge in Corrections, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Criminal Law, and Criminal Court System. You will explore the foundation in each of the fields listed above. This foundation will prepare you for employment or career advancement in any of the fields.You should expect to take the following courses:

a. Research Methods in Criminal Justice
b. Criminal Justice Management and Administration
c. Criminology
d. Organized Crime
e. Gangs
f. Etc.

The VC online master of criminal justice prepares students for management and leadership positions in the field of criminal justice. Graduates will acquire in-depth and broad know-how in juvenile justice, law enforcement, and corrections. You will be able to carryout social and justice science research. Expect to take courses in:

a. White Collar Crime
b. Fraud
c. Seminar In Corrections
d. Seminar in Law Enforcement
e. Criminal Justice Policy
f. Etc.

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