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As we said, there is more than on college in the state of New York that offers online criminal justice degrees. Below is another one.

Utica College Online Criminal Justice School: Utica College was founded by Syracuse University in 1946. As a matter of fact, some of their degrees have University of Syracuse on them. It is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It is located at:

Utica College
1600 Burrstone Road
Utica, NY 13502

Utica College offers the following online criminal justice degrees:

a. Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity – Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics:
This bachelor degree program teaches you the latest techniques needed to fight such cybercrimes as credit card fraud, intellectual property theft, terrorism, hacking, and pedophilia. This is a cutting edge degree that few schools offer and Utica College is one of the leaders in this area.

Graduating from this program will mean working for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. They can also be employed by corporations. They will perform such duties as follows:

1. Respond to Cyber Attacks
2. Gather Data and Evidence Needed to Prosecute Cybercrimes
3. Educate End Users on Computer Security
4. Install Computer Security Software
5. Etc.

b. Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity – Information Assurance:
This bachelors degree program teaches you how to protect sensitive computer information. The need for governments and corporations to protect sensitive personal and security information has never been greater.

This is another new field in the criminal justice profession. The techniques acquired in this program go beyond your regular criminal justice and law enforcement training. Rather, the training you receive from this degree program will give you the skills needed to perform the following:

1. Monitor Computer Networks for Security Breaches
2. Guard Private Information of Individuals
3. Guard Information for Corporations and Government Agencies
4. Fight Cyber Terrorism
5. Etc.

c. Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation:
With the recent wave in corporate crime, it was only a matter of time before colleges offered this type of program. The program combines the study of criminal justice, with Accounting and Computer Science.

Students will learn how to combat fraud and corporate crimes. You will learn the skills necessary to investigate financial crime. The following courses will help prepare graduates for this challenging task:

1. Economic Crime Investigation
2. Laws of Economic Crime
3. Criminal Justice
4. Criminological Research Methods
5. Financial Accounting
6. Forensic Accounting
7. Etc.

d. Master of Science in Economic Crime Management:
This is a unique program you can’t find in many palaces. As of this writing, Utica College is the only school that we know that offers it.

The program teaches members of management advanced techniques to fight economic crime. It combines training in management, technology and analytical thinking. These help graduates fight economic crime from a global perspective.

Classes will be taught in the following:

1. Financial Investigations
2. Legal Concepts of Criminal Fraud and Corporate Liability
3. Economic Crime
4. Fraud Management
5. Fraud Technology
6. Etc.

e. MBA in Fraud Management:
The program combines the study of business and criminal justice. You will study fraud prevention and detection and financial investigation. People with this training normally work for banks, insurance, and financial services organizations.

This is a perfect MBA program for Fraud Examiners. You will gain the knowledge to sit and pass the Association of Fraud Examiners certification exam. Classes will be taught in the following:

1. Legal Issues In Fraud Management
2. Advanced Fraud Investigation and Analysis
3. Research Methods In Fraud Management
4. Analytical Methods In Fraud Management
5. Information and Communication Security
6. Management for Fraud Prevention and Detection
7. Etc.

f. Crimes Investigator Certificate:
This certificate program is your fast track to a career in crime investigation. You only have to take 6 courses to get this certificate. These 6 courses will teach you the most needed skills to fight economic crime. The courses are:

1. Criminal Justice
2. Information Security
3. Fraud Prevention
4. Fraud Detection
5. Forensic Accounting
6. Economic Crime
7. Etc.

When it comes to online criminal justice degrees, Utica College is indeed on the cutting edge. You have to check them out to see what we mean. You can request for their free information here.

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