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What is a State Trooper?
Have you ever cruised America’s interstate highways and expressways? If you have, chances are you have seen state troopers cruising these highways and expressways too.

State Troopers, as known as state police, enforce the laws of the state government. They also provide leadership, help, and work in partnership with county and town law enforcement agencies.

The state police’s main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Protect the State from Terrorism

2. Enforce the Driving Laws of the State

3. Protect the State Governor

4. Protect other State Officials when Needed

5. Protect the State Capitol Facilities

6. Conduct Statewide Criminal Investigations

7. Train other Law Enforcement Officers for Towns that Don’t have Such Training

8. Etc.

The state police work is changing to match the prevailing environment. There is more emphasis on community policing. With this, a state trooper has to be more of a people person.

There is also more use of technology in today’s law enforcement. Troopers have to be able to use technology to analyze crimes and their trends.

How to Become a State Trooper:
The requirements to become a state trooper vary a great deal from state to state. But, more and more the basic requirement is having a bachelors degree. Majors like criminal justice, law enforcement, and policing are very popular.

Additional requirements that will help are:

1. Be Between 21 and 35 Years Old
2. Have a Valid Drivers License
3. Be a U.S. Citizen
4. Excellent Physical Shape
5. Successful Background Check
6. Medical and Drug Screening

Newly hired troopers will have to go through the police academy training. The training will cover such things as:

a. Self Defense
b. Use of Firearms
c. Surveillance
d. Investigation Techniques
e. Etc

State Trooper Salary:
State trooper salary varies from state to state. The national average is $44,000 per year to start. This will increase as you gain more experience and promotions.

State Trooper School:
To fulfill the bachelor’s degree requirement, we urge you to get a degree in either policing, law enforcement, or criminal justice. The following online criminal justice schools will fill these needs. Request for their free information and decide which school you like better.

Request for AIUOnline information here
Request for Kaplan University information here

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