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What is a Sheriff?
Reggae lovers must know the song 'I Shot The Sheriff' by Bob Marley. He added 'But I Didn’t Shoot The Deputy' as if to tell us he is a nice guy:-) Or he was letting us know somebody else shot the deputy.

For those that didn’t get it, the above was a joke. But all jokes and fun aside, the sheriff is an important component in the criminal justice system.

Sheriffs are police officers at the county government level. They have deputies, just like police officers have other officers, which help them enforce laws at the county level. They perform the same duties as police officers.

These duties can be all of the following:

1. Patrol and Respond to Calls at the County

2. Seize Property when Ordered by the Court

3. Apprehend Criminals

4. Enforce County Government Laws, like Traffic Laws

5. Serve Subpoenas and Summons

6. Investigate Crimes

7. Guard County Courts, Prisons, and Jails

8. Etc.

There is no doubt you will be busy as a sheriff. You will basically be running a law enforcement agency. This is why you will be allowed to have deputies to help you.

How to Become a Sheriff:
In most counties, sheriffs are elected. You will need to contest and win election. So knowing a thing or two about county politics will come in handy. The minimum requirement for qualifying to run for election will most likely be high school education or GED.

But make no mistake about it, most electorates will prefer to vote for someone with law enforcement degree or experience. It is just too important a job for an amateur. If you are good with politics, you may be able to convince people that you will hire experienced law enforcement deputies to help you.

If you have no prior law enforcement experience or training, you have the chance to attend Sheriff’s training schools. In these schools, you will learn the basics of law enforcement, like arrest techniques, investigation techniques, criminal law, civil law, etc.

Sheriff Salary:
The pay sheriff officers make can vary a great deal. Sometimes it may depend on the budget of the county. But we have seen salaries of about $45,000 per year to start out. As they gain more experience, they can make as much as $70,000 per year and sometimes more.

Sheriff School:

Like we said above, the easiest way to make electorates feel comfortable voting for you as their sheriff is a law enforcement background or degree. We recommend you check out the following criminal justice schools to get you on your way.

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