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What’s Security Guard?
Security guard or private security is another part one can take in the criminal justice field. In fact, it could be your easiest entry into the criminal justice profession. This is because some of the positions in this field do not require formal education.

Private security guards individuals, private organizations, and/or businesses. It’s the duty of the security guard to make sure no harm comes to the person, organization, or business they are assigned to protect.

For example, an apartment complex could hire private security guards to watch and patrol the apartment complex. The security guards’ responsibility in this instant is to make sure unwanted people are not harassing their tenants or causing damage to properties in the complex.

Private Security guards use various means to perform their jobs. They could use electronic surveillance equipments. In our apartment complex example above, the apartment may have electronic cameras mounted at various locations in the apartment complex. The security guards’ responsibility in this case is to sit in a room to monitor the various cameras through computer screens. If they notice anything sinister happening, they are required to send a security officer or call the police to check it out.

As the world becomes more and more unstable because of the events of 9/11, the need for security guards will continue to increase. Law Enforcement cannot be expected to cover all the security flash points. The easiest thing is for private organizations or businesses to provide preventive security. As this happens, more and more private security jobs will be available. This is indeed an ideal time to enter this profession.

Security Guard Salary:
If you do fancy the private security career, you can expect to make decent wage. The private security guard can expect to make from $20,000 to $35,000 per year.

Security Guard School:
For those that want to make more money, a formal education will be required. A formal education will get you into supervisory positions. These positions will allow you to command more salary.Since the skills for private security is comparable to those of police officers, you need a formal education in criminal justice with specialization in private security. The school that we know that offers this is Kaplan University. Kaplan University offers the following criminal justice certificate or degrees in criminal justice with specialization in Private Security:

1. Private Security Certificate
2. Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice/Private Security (AASCJ)
3. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Private Security (BSCJ)

You can get Kaplan University free information by following clicking this link. You have nothing to lose by checking out the free information.

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