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What is Private Detective?
Private Investigators or Private Detectives are the glamour professionals in the criminal justice field or so it seems. There is no doubt that this is what is shown on television and movies.

But make no mistake about it, there is less glamour in this profession in real life.

A private detective provides service to individuals or organizations where the police or law enforcement agencies cannot. Some of the jobs of a PI may even involve working with law enforcement agencies.

For example, a law firm may hire a private investigator to help it prepare a defense for a court case. The PI in this case may interview the police and other witnesses. The investigator may then appear in court to testify as to what he/she found in his/her investigation.

In the old days, private detectives mostly worked cases of infidelity. A spouse that suspects his or her mate of cheating would hire a PI to help them prove the infidelity. The private detective’s work in this case would involve using electronic surveillance to gather the evidence. The private detective would follow the suspected cheater and would video or take still camera shots of what they find.

As can be seen, there is less glamour in the above example. Many cheaters cheat at odd hours of the day or night. Following a suspected cheater at odd hours of the day or night could not be that glamorous unless you enjoy doing such a thing.

Most private detectives work for themselves. There are very few companies that recruit PIs. So somebody considering being a private investigator must like working alone. You must also be able to work confidentially. Most of your clients would not want you revealing what they have you working on to other people.

Private Investigator Salary:
For those that enjoy being private investigators and detectives, the pay can be good. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median salary for Private detectives and investigators in 2004 was $32,100. The top 10 percent of PIs made as much as $58,470.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics also projects employment for private investigators and detectives to grow faster than the average for other occupations through the year 2014. This means you don’t have to worry about getting jobs. So if you are interested in being a private eye, this may be as good a time as any.

Private Investigator School:

Being a private detective or investigator does not require formal education. This is a profession dominated by former law enforcement officers or police officers. But there can be no doubt a formal education in criminal justice will help you carry out your investigations or give your clients more confidence in your abilities.

We found 2 schools that over excellent investigations programs. One of them is Bellevue University. It has a bachelor's degree in investigations. You can attend online or on campus. Request for their free information and check it out.

The other school is Herzing College. It also offers BSc degree in investigation. And you can also get the degree online or on campus. You can request for their free information through this link.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to request both information. Then compare and see which one is more suited to you.

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