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What is a Prison Warden?
Do you enjoy working in corrections? Do you enjoy rehabilitating convicted prisoners? Do you enjoy management of people and facilities?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, you should consider becoming a prison warden. Prison wardens are managers and administrators of correctional facilities or prisons. Their functions are as follows:

1. Scheduling work assignments for the prison staff (such as correction officers)

2. Developing and implementing training program for prison staff

3. Evaluating the work performance of prison staff

4. Developing and implementing security measures for the prison

5. Managing the prisoners

6. Orientation of new prisoners

7. Developing and implementing educational programs for prisoners

8. Maintaining records of prisoners, staff, and facility

9. Resolving conflicts in the prison

10. Etc.

The job of a prison warden is demanding. As you can see above, it requires somebody that can wear many hats at the same time.

It is also a very stressful job. Convicted criminals are some of the most difficult people to deal with. Wardens must be able to handle this or they could find themselves climbing the wall.

How to Become a Prison Warden:
In some states, prison wardens are appointed. The appointment could come from political affiliation. Or, it could be that the person making the appointment feeling you are simply the best person for the job.

In states where prison wardens are not appointed, you must meet the educational and work experience requirements. The education requirement is a bachelor’s degree in corrections, criminal justice, law enforcement, criminology, or psychology.

The experience calls for somebody who has worked in prison or correctional system. This could be as a correctional officer, parole or probation officer. People with law enforcement experience, like police officers, are also considered. Having some management or supervisory background would also be helpful.

Prison Warden Salary:
Prison wardens make a starting salary of $43,000 per year. This salary will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service. We have seen prison wardens of large prison systems making over $100,000 per year. This is serious money!

Prison Warden Schools:
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Another school we like is AIU. We consider them the leading innovators in online education. Plus, they have nice criminal justice and psychology programs online. Check them out by following this link.

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