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What is a Polygraph Examiner?
Can machines and computers tell when a human is lying? Some people will tell you the answer is NO. While other people will tell you the answer is YES.

A polygraph examiner must be one of the people that would say YES.

Polygraph examiners use polygraph equipment and techniques to examine people in order to detect deception or ascertain the truth. A person seeking to become a polygraph examiner should posses the following:

1. The ability to follow step by step procedures

2. The ability to reason logically

3. The ability to write accurate reports to explain examination results

4. The ability to communicate verbally in case court appearance is needed

5. The ability to do basic math, like determining percentage of numbers

6. The ability to maintain confidentiality

7. The ability to make decisions

8. The ability to work under pressure

9. The ability to analyze data

10. Etc.

The polygraph examiner job is mostly an office job. You will mostly work 9-5, 5 days a week. On rare occasions, you may have to work after hours and weekends.

How to Become a Polygraph Examiner:
The polygraph examiner job is one of those jobs where a college degree is usually needed. The preferred majors are law enforcement, criminal justice, police science, forensic science or criminology. You will need at least an associate degree in one of these majors, but a bachelors degree is mostly preferred.

You can also become a polygraph examiner with law enforcement experience. This is usually a career progression for law enforcement officers. After years of field work, a law enforcement officer may prefer to do such officer work as polygraph examiner.

It is important to note that whichever career path you want to take into the polygraph examiner profession, you will need additional training and license. As controversial as polygraph tests are, the last thing any agency that uses it wants is accusation that their examiners are not trained or licensed.

Polygraph Examiner Salary:
Polygraph examiners make very good pay. The average starting salary is $62,000 per year. Their salary can easily exceed $80,000 per year with experience and years of service. With the college degree requirement and the additional training, we can understand the reason for the high salary.

Also, polygraph examiners can work on the side to make extra income. The skills are so specialized that not all agencies that need a polygraph examiner can afford to hire one. But they can afford to retain one from time to time for a small fee.

Polygraph Examiner School:
If you are looking for a school to get an associate or bachelor degree, we recommend Kaplan University. With Kaplan University, you have good selection of the preferred majors (law enforcement, criminal justice, police science, forensic science or criminology). Most of them can be done online. Check it out by following this link.

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