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What is a Penologist?
Some of us would like to lock away convicted criminals and throw away the key. But as you know, there are limited prisons and it gets to be expensive to feed and house them forever.

Society must find ways to make these convicted criminals useful members of society when their prison term is up. Penologists play a role in helping society accomplish this.

The penologist works with prisoners and prison staff to help rehabilitate prison inmates. They study prison management, systems, and structure. They accomplish their job by doing things like:

1. Study the effects of the prison system on inmates

2. Analyze prison inmate behavior

3. Analyze prison inmates interaction with other prisoners

4. Study and analyze prison inmate interaction with prison guards, wardens, and correctional officers

5. Develop educational programs for inmates

6. Develop prisoner re-introduction to society programs

7. Monitor the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs

8. Follow up with prisoners after release

9. Makes report to prison authority on change or improvement to the rehabilitation programs

10. Etc.

If it sounds like the job has some academic undertones to it, it does. It involves study and careful analysis of the various situations in the prison system. It also involves field work to gather data for analysis. The penologist's recommendation can change and have lasting impact on prisoners and the prison system.

How to Become a Penologist:
This is one of those criminal justice careers where a college education is required. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree. The preferred majors are criminal justice administration, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, law enforcement, or corrections. While in school, you will study things like crime and punishment, correctional methods, human psychology, sociology, types of punishment and impact. You will need good communication skills and the ability to interact with different levels of people to be successful in this profession.

Penologist Salary:
Penologists make an average salary of $41,000 per year. Your pay will continue to increase as you gain more experience. We have seen salary as high as $49,000 per year.

Penology School:
For the penologist career, we recommend a major in criminal justice administration. This will make you more marketable as you will study various aspects of the criminal justice system.

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