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Parole officer, sometimes called Probation Officer is one the career parts in the criminal justice profession. They are involved in the rehabilitation efforts of the parolees or people on probation.

Parole officers main duty is to watch over people released from prison with conditions. Those conditions could be helping them get education, jobs, and re-entry into society.

An officer also works with people sentenced to probation. A probation sentence is usually a crime that does not require prison time. Such sentences as community service, and/or alcohol rehabilitation do not require spending time in prison.

It’s the probation officer's job to make sure offenders don’t pose danger to society. Because of this, they must constantly write reports to judges on the progress of the offenders they watch over. If their client poses a danger to society, they must inform the judge so the parolee can be sent back to prison.

Parole or Probation officers also work with socials services and testify at parole board meetings. These meetings allow them to present and clarify their reports.

The officers work mostly in state and local governments. A few work for the federal prison system. You can expect to work more than a 40 hour work week. This is because parole or probation officers are involved in investigations. These investigations require them to work in and out of their office.

It’s not uncommon for a parole or probation officer to visit their client’s homes. These visits will usually be at pre-arranged times. The pre-arranged time can be after office hours.

Parole and Probation Officers Salary:
Parole or probation officers can make good money for their trouble. In May 2004, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported the following median salary for probation or parole officers:

State Government: $39,800
Local Government: 40,560

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics also reports that probation and parole officers make higher money in urban areas. Maybe this is because you have more criminals or people to rehabilitate in the urban areas.

Parole and Probation Officers School:

With the reports and presentation involved, most parole and probation officers jobs require that you have a college degree. You will need a criminal justice degree. If you can, find a school that specializes in probation or parole. This kind of school will help you study real life case studies.

A school we recommend is Kaplan University. In Kaplan University you can get a bachelor of science in criminal justice with heavy course emphasis in parole and probation studies.

Request their free information by clicking this link.

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