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Oregon Online Criminal Justice Schools:
Oregon is where we make our next pit stop in our drive to review and profile of online criminal justice schools by state. Oregon has not been left out when it comes to online criminal justice school. We present an excellent one below.

Portland State University Online:
Portland State University Online is a state of Oregon online criminal justice school that was founded in 1946. It is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Though a State of Oregon school, its online program is run out of Florida. The online school address is:

Portland State University
P. O. Box 691629
Orlando, FL 32869-1629

This state of oregon online criminal justice school offers the following online criminal justice certificates and degrees:

a. American Justice System Certificate:
This criminal justice certificate program teaches you the basics of the American criminal justice system. It is for those that want to familiarize themselves with the criminal justice system. Students will takes courses in:

1. Policing in America
2. Criminal Law and Legal Reasoning
3. Punishment and Corrections
4. Criminology and Criminal Justice
5. American Courts
6. Etc.

b. Certificate in Crime Analysis:
In this certificate program you will learn the practices and tools used to analyze and measure crime. You will also explore the processes of psychological profiling, crime mapping, and intelligence gathering. You will focus on the skills and techniques essential to crime analysis. We list some of the classes you will be taking below:

1. Theories of Crime
2. Crime Analysis
3. Crime, Grime, and Fear
4. Crime Mapping
5. Crime Control Strategies
6. Etc.

c. Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Criminology and Criminal Justice:
This criminology and criminal justice certificate program is for those that already have a bachelors degree. If you majored in something else, but your job requires that you understand criminal justice and how it works, this certificate program will help you.

An example is somebody that majored in paralegal studies. The course of doing your job may require you to interact with law enforcement people or agencies. Studying and understanding how law enforcement people and agencies work can help you do your job better

Below are some classes you can expect to take:

1. Policing in America
2. Criminology and Criminal Justice
3. Criminal Law and Legal Reasoning
4. Theories of Crime
5. Crime Control Strategies
6. Etc.

d. Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice:
This online bachelor of science in criminology and criminal justice degree program prepares you for an advanced position in law enforcement or criminal justice. You will be able to research and study criminology and criminal justice issues and problems. You will then be able to formulate solutions to these issues and problems.

Classes will be taught in such areas as:

1. Criminal Justice Research
2. Geographic Criminology
3. Juvenile Justice
4. Criminal Justice Management and Planning
5. Crime Analysis
6. White Collar Crime
7. Etc.

If you are interested an online bachelor’s degree or certificate in criminal justice, Portland State University online is one school you should check out. You can request for their free information by following this link.

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