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Online Paralegal:
Online paralegal studies or certificate programs prepare you for a career in the legal or criminal justice field. Paralegal, also known as legal assistant, is another good and fast way to get in to the criminal justice field. It normally would take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to get a certificate.

Lawyers and judges need paralegals to assist them in all phases of trial preparation and case management. They must work closely with lawyers and judges in carrying out their duties. The varying assignments paralegals get make the career challenging and rewarding. It will be hard for them to complain about being bored.

Students in a paralegal studies program will learn such things as:

a. Formation of contracts
b. Breach of contracts
c. Remedies for the breach of contracts
d. Estate planning
e. Estate taxes
f. Criminal Law
g. Family Law
h. Etc.

Upon graduation, you will work with state and local government agencies, courts, consumer organizations, corporations, banks, finance companies, legal aid offices and clinics, accounting and engineering firms, insurance agencies, real estate and title companies. The list goes on and on. You will be expected to research legal issues, draft legal documents, prepare pleadings, summarize documents, organize trial notebooks and interview clients.

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