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Online Kaplan University Bachelor Degrees Criminal Justice School:
We continue our preview and profile of online schools that offer the degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. On this particular page, we give you Online Kaplan University BSc degrees in criminal justice.

Kaplan University is located in Davenport, Iowa and accredited by The Higher Education Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). It was founded in 1937.

Kaplan University offers full BSc online and distance learning programs. Theses programs are offered in weekly units to allow flexibility and convenience for busy students. Students can participate online and offline in such activities as Web Field Trips, lectures, online discussion and tests.

Kaplan University offers seven emphasis areas in the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program:

a. Bachelor of Science, Law Enforcement
b. Bachelor of Science, Private Security
c. Bachelor of Science, Forensic Psychology
d. Bachelor of Science, Fraud Examination and Investigation
e. Bachelor of Science, Corrections
f. Bachelor of Science, Crime Analysis
g. Bachelor of Science, Crime Scene Investigation

The BSc degree in Law Enforcement will prepare you to start or advance a career in police departments or criminal investigations. Students will study the roles, responsibilities, issues, and trends related to contemporary law enforcement organizations. You will learn about trial proceedings, constitutional concepts, and criminal case law.

The BSc degree in Private Security teaches you techniques behind search, seizure, and discovery. This will help you start or advance a career in security companies, computer firms, schools, and retail stores. Students will examine such areas as collecting evidence and conducting investigation. As a graduate you will qualify for employment in private security agencies, law firms, and corporate investigation departments.

The bachelor of science in Forensic Psychology examines the value of psychology in the criminal justice system. In this program you will acquire the ability to identify and interact with mentally ill individuals, intervene in crisis situations. This should help you understand the impact of crime on its victims and the community.

In the bachelor’s of science in Fraud Examination and Investigation, you will study and learn the skills and techniques essential to working as a fraud examiner. This emphasis area is designed to prepare you to sit for examination with professional organizations to become a Certified Fraud Examiner. With this specialized skill, you'll be employed in niche law enforcement areas, as white collar crime and financial investigation.

The bachelor's of science in Corrections will teach you the administrative know-how and skills necessary to run the U.S. correctional system. You will confront issues such as overcrowding, inmate rights, and juvenile justice. You qualify to work in local, state, and federal jail facilities and juvenile detention centers.

In the bachelor of science Crime Analysis, you will work in crime labs as crime analyst in law enforcement organizations when you graduate. Students will learn about the practices and tools used to analyze and measure crime. You will take courses in:

a. Crime Mapping
b. Intelligence Gathering
c. Psychological Profiling
d. Crime Analysis
e. Etc.

The bachelor of science in Crime Scene Investigation teaches the techniques of locating, collecting, and analyzing crime scene evidence used in courts of law. If you watch the CBS television show, CSI Miami or New York, you are familiar with this profession. People who work in this field identify boundaries of a crime scene and understand the principles of searching the crime scene for specific types of evidence, identifiable forensic material, and other items of evidentiary value.

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