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Online Homeland Security Bachelors Degrees:
Online Homeland Security BS degree will prepare you for the protection of our country. The events of 9/11/01 led the US government to create the Department of Homeland Security.

The creation of this department has fueled the need for trained security and safety employees throughout the country. These employees are not just needed by government agencies, they are also needed by private companies.

The online homeland security bachelor’s degree program will take you about 30 to 48 months to complete. The classes can be transferred to masters degree programs should you want to continue your education.

A bachelor’s degree will improve your earning potential. It will also enhance your working condition. According to the US Census Bureau, people with bachelors degrees earn $900, 000.00 more than high schools graduate in a lifetime. This is $500,000.00 more than people with associate degree.

In an online homeland security bachelor program, you will learn what it takes to be in charge of security operations. You can expect to cover the following areas:

a. Emergency Planning and Security Measures

b. Emergency Medical Services, including Biological Warfare

c. Emergency Fire Protection

d. Tactical Planning

e. Tactical Communication

f. Criminal Justice

g. Domestic and International Terrorism

h. Etc.

Employment opportunity in homeland security is quite vast. The work and the kind of threat you will face everyday will constantly change. We don’t see how you can complain about being bored on the job. You can expect to land the following jobs:

a. Immigration officer
b. Law Enforcement Specialist
c. Police Officer
d. Border Patrol Agent
e. Security Specialist
f. Policy Analyst
g. Homeland Security Specialist
h. Etc.

Online Homeland Security Bachelors Degree Schools:
One of the best online schools for bachelor of homeland security specialist degree is Everest University Online. You can get their free information by clicking this link.

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