Online Doctorate Degree Criminal Justice Schools, PhD Criminal Justice Programs

Online Doctorate Degree Criminal Justice Schools:
Doctorate degree is indeed a specialized degree. It’s an exclusive club only a few can enter. Distance learning has made it easier for more people to enter this club.

The graduate schools below offer doctorate degrees in criminal justice online. There are very few of them. If you are looking to go beyond the master’s level, then you should look for schools that offer online doctorate degrees.

A graduate doctorate degree in criminal justice should prepare you for a life of research and/or teaching. Law enforcement labs need researchers to analyze crime evidence while colleges need professors to teach the profession. If these excite you, by all means consider an online doctorate degree in criminal justice.

Below are the only schools that we have uncovered that have doctorate programs in criminal justice:

1. Walden University Online:
Walden University is an online doctorate degree criminal justice school that is located in Minneapolis, MN. It’s accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. It was founded in 1970.

As of this writing, Walden University online doctorate degree school is offering $1M in doctoral scholarships. The scholarships are based on needs of the student. You must apply by March to be considered.

Walden University is currently ranked as the Top Producer of Master’s and Doctorate to minority graduates. It prides itself in its diversity.

It has two PhD programs in criminal justice. They are:

a. PhD in Human Services in Criminal Justice

b. PhD in Public Policy and Administration in Criminal Justice.

The online doctorate in Human Services in Criminal Justice teaches issues that pertain to the courts and prisons, juvenile delinquency, public safety. You will study economic disparity among racial and ethnic groups, demographic shifts, urban decay, the role of substance abuse and poverty in criminal behavior.

The online PhD in Public Safety and Administration in Criminal Justice covers social governance and critical public safety issues. You will learn the effects of social change while using forward thinking management. Students will take courses like Principles of Societal Development, Principles of Human Development to help prepare them for contemporary decision making as they relate to the American criminal justice system and programs.

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2. Capella University Online:
Capella University is online doctorate degree criminal justice school that is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s accredited by The Higher Education Commission. It’s also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The school offers an online Doctorate Degree in Human Services with Criminal Justice Specialization. This PhD program is designed to help you build expertise status in the field. This expert should help you influence change in the criminal justice field.

Capella University online advises professionals in the fields of Probations, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Corrections, and Court Services to consider this specialization. You will take such courses as:

a. Issues in Police-Community Relations

b. The Criminal Mind

c. Race/Culture in Criminal Justice

d. Criminal Behavior: A Sociological Primus

e. Understanding Criminology

f. Current Research on Violent Behavior

g. Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective

h. Correlates of Crime

When you graduate, you can expect rapid advancement in the fields of Criminal Justice, Corrections, and/or the Judicial System. And of course more money and prestige that should make your life more pleasing.

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