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Online Criminal Justice Masters Degrees:
Online criminal justice master degree will prepare you for upper management positions in the criminal justice field than bachelors programs. The online program will take you about 15 to 30 months to complete.

The courses are transferable to PhD degree programs if you are interested in continuing your education.

You will command the earning power that goes with upper management positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with master’s degrees earn $1.5M more than high school graduates in a lifetime. This is $400,000 more than people with bachelor’s degree.

In this session of the website, we will preview and profile some of the criminal justice master programs you can get into online. Hopefully, this information will help you make better decision.

Below are some of the criminal justice master’s degrees online.

1. Online Master Degree in Criminal Justice:
Online masters of criminal justice will equip you with upper administrative skills in the field of criminal justice. You will acquire the know-how needed to run criminal justice organizations. In this ever changing field, it is important you keep abreast of the technological, legal, and sociological advancements in all areas of law enforcement.

The program will give you the ability to:

a. Lead the Criminal Justice Community
b. Assess Law Enforcement Policies
c. Analyze Criminal Justice Issues
d. Apply Advanced Research In Criminal Justice Methods

You will take courses in such areas as:

a. Terrorism
b. American Criminal Justice Systems
c. Youth Crime
d. Criminal Justice Leadership
e. Criminal Justice Management
f. Criminal Justice Research

One of the best online schools for online master’s degree in criminal justice is Boston University. Get their Free Information here!

2. Online Master of Science Criminal Justice Leadership:
The Master of Criminal Justice Leadership online program will put criminal justice professionals on a career track to leadership positions. It is especially suited to those who aspire to senior management positions and responsibilities. Students will be prepared to shape the future of their criminal justice organizations.

Students will acquire knowledge in such areas as:

a. Conflict Resolution
b. Dynamics of Criminal Justice Environment
c. Organization’s Position in the Criminal Justice System
d. Threats and how they Affect the Environment
e. Criminal Justice System Change and Impact to the Environment

You should expect to take classes in:

a. Criminal Justice Leadership and Management
b. Community Theory and Criminal Justice System
c. Professional and Organizational Ethics
d. Criminal Justice Issues

One of the best online schools for online master of criminal justice leadership degree is New England College. As of this writing, they just announced a scholarship for this program. We suggest you request for their free information.

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