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Online Criminal Justice Doctorate Degrees:
Online criminal justice doctorate degrees will prepare you for leadership and academic teaching or administrative positions in the criminal justice field. You will be involved in advanced research and study. The online program will take you about 24 to 36 months to complete.

You will command the earning power that goes with leadership positions. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, people with PhD degrees earn $2.2M more than high school graduates in a lifetime. This is $900,000 more than people with master’s degree.

The online doctorate program is usually offered in the department of Human Services with specialization in criminal justice. The program addresses issues such as the American court system, criminal behavior, juvenile delinquency, etc.

As you learn to be the agent and expert of change in this criminal justice PhD program, you will come to understand the problems of victims. Your knowledge will help you restore social order and help you help troubled lives.

You can expect to take classes as:

a. Foundations of Doctoral Study

b. Advanced Research in Human Development and Behavior

c. The Criminal Mind

d. The Penal System

e. Research in Societal Development

f. Advance Case Study in Humans as it Relates to Criminal Justice

g. Race and Culture in Criminal Justice

h. Etc.

Most online graduate doctorate programs in criminal justice have residency requirement. You can expect to stay from 3 to 4 weeks in residence. This is not too bad. For a PhD program, you would like to have some face to face meetings with your professors.

There are a few online schools that offer doctorate degree programs in criminal justice. One of them is Walden University. You can request for their free information by clicking this link.

The other school is Capella University. Check them out and get their free information by following this link.

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