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Online Criminal Justice Bachelors Degrees:
Online criminal justice bachelor degrees will prepare you for management and supervisory positions in the criminal justice field than associate programs. The online program will take you about 30 to 48 months to complete. The courses are transferable to master’s degree programs should you want to continue your education.

Needless to say, having a bachelor’s degree will improve your earning potential. It will enhance your working condition. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with bachelor’s degrees earn $900,000 more than high school graduates in a lifetime. This is $500,000 more than people with associate degree.

In this session of the website, we will profile some of the criminal justice bachelor programs you can get into online. Hopefully, this information will help you make informed decision.

Below are some of the criminal justice bachelors degrees online.

1. Online Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Administration:
As stated above, Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration will prepare you for management and supervisory positions in the field. You will be equipped with the ability and skills needed to run things in criminal justice organizations.

You will learn the following:

a. Managing Criminal Justice Personnel

b. Organizational Behavior and Management

c. Criminal Law

d. Interpersonal Communications

e. Research Methods in Criminal Justice

f. Criminal Justice Policy Analysis

g. Criminal Justice Document Management

h. Introduction to Law Enforcement

You can expect to be efficient in the following areas:

a. Tools and procedures used by law enforcement

b. Gathering, analyzing, and conducting legal research

c. Thinking critically

d. Communicating effectively, in writing and verbally

e. American criminal justice system

f. Managing the legal office environment

One of the best online schools for online bachelor degree in criminal justice is Keiser University.

2. Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Investigation:
The Criminal Investigation online program will teach students crime scene theory and science. If you watch the CBS television show CSI: Miami, you have an idea of what’s involved in this profession. Students will learn crime scene photography, biological evidence, visual evidence, fingerprints, etc. Basically, if a crime is committed, you’ll be required to investigate and gather evidence.Some of the courses taught are:

a. Crime Scene Dynamics
b. Technology Crimes
c. Graphics and Documentation
d. Visual Evidence

Upon graduation, you will get such jobs as:

a. Law Enforcement Detective
b. Insurance Investigator
c. Private Detective
d. Forensic technician

One of the best online schools for bachelor of criminal investigation degree is Everest University.

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