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Online Criminal Justice Associate Degrees:
Online criminal justice associate degrees will enhance your earning in the criminal justice field than certificate programs. The online program will take you about 24 months to complete. The courses are transferable to a bachelor program should you want to continue your education.

We were not kidding when we said associate degree will enhance your earning potential. According Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with associate’s degrees earn $400,000 more than high school graduates in a lifetime. This is $100,000 more than a certificate will earn you.

In this session of the website, we will profile some of the criminal justice associate programs you can get into online. We hope it will help you decide if pursuing this degree is for you.

Below are some of the criminal justice associate degrees online.

1. Online Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies:
Online associate of paralegal studies programs prepare students for exciting careers in the legal or criminal justice field. This legal assistant training, as they are sometimes known as, is a good way to get in to the criminal justice field.

You will learn the following:

a. Legal terminology
b. Family Law
c. Criminal Law
d. Procedural and substantive law
e. Drafting of legal documents
f. Legal research

You can expect to the do the following when you graduate:

a. Using criminal law and criminal procedures in the court system

b. Gathering, analyzing, and conducting legal research

c. Preparing effective and appropriate legal documents

d. Conducting client interviews and maintaining contact with clients

e. Conducting preliminary legal investigations

f. Managing the legal office environment

g. Etc.

One of the best online schools for online associate degree in paralegal studies is Westwood College.

2. Online Associate’s in Criminal Justice:
This program teaches law enforcement and the court systems. You will also learn about the corrections system as it pertains to prison. Courses like policing in America, criminology, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal justice terminology, problem solving, ethical decision making, leadership, effective written communication, effective oral communication, and introduction to corrections will be covered.

You can specialize in some exciting areas. Areas like:

a. Homeland Security
b. Terrorism
c. Domestic Violence
d. Juvenile Justice

Upon graduation, you will get such jobs as:

a. Police Officer
b. Corrections Officer
c. Investigator
d. Immigration Officer
e. Etc.

One of the best online schools for associate of criminal justice degree is Devry University....

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