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Ohio Online Criminal Justice Schools:
Ohio is next in our review and profile of online criminal justice schools by state. We have some good online schools in the state of Ohio. They are presented below.

Franklin University:
Franklin University is a state of Ohio online criminal justice school that was founded in 1902. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Franklin University is located at:

Franklin University
201 S. Grant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

The following online criminal justice degrees are offered by Franklin University:

a. Associate of Science in Forensic Accounting:
The recent accounting crimes rocking corporate America have led to majors like this. The government and corporations have now realized the need to fight accounting and financial crimes. This degree in financial accounting equips graduates with the skills needed to fight these crimes. Students will learn to do as follows:

1. Identify and Analyze Accounting and Financial Fraud

2. Detect White Collar Crime

3. Understand Accounting and Financial Forensic Issues

4. Collect and Analyze Forensic Accounting and Financial Evidence for Legal Use

5. Interpret and Communicate Financial Fraud and Forensic Accounting Findings

6. Etc.

Graduates of this program will work as:

1. Forensic Auditors
2. Fraud Assessors
3. Fraud Examiners
4. Accounting Forensic Consultants
5. Etc.

b. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting:
This bachelor degree in forensic accounting is a continuation of the associate degree above. It is for those that want faster career tracks to higher positions. Below we list some of the classes you will be taking:

1. Fraud Examination

2. Behavioral Basis of Detecting and Preventing White Collar Fraud

3. Legal Elements of Fraud

4. Accounting Ethics and Professional Responsibilities

5. Accounting Principles and Internal Control Assessment

6. Auditing

7. Etc.

c. Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management:
This degree program is for practicing police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and public safety professionals that want to acquire management skills. These management skills should help them move into management or supervisory positions.

The program is best suited for individuals with associate degree in law enforcement, policing, criminal justice, fire safety, corrections, and emergency medical services. Below are the areas of study covered in this program:

1. Management and Leadership
2. Contemporary Issues in Public Safety
3. Administrative Law
4. Public Safety Management
5. Organizational Behavior
6. Decision Making and Problem Solving
7. Etc.

If you are interested in any of the above online criminal justice majors, then you should check out Franklin University. You simply need to click this link to get their free no obligation information.

University of Cincinnati Online :
University of Cincinnati is a state of Ohio online criminal justice school. It was established in 1819 and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Though an Ohio school, its distance learning program is run out of the state of Florida. The address is:

University of Cincinnati
Off-site Admissions Center
P. O. Box 691629 Orlando, FL 32869-9916

The University of Cincinnati offers one criminal justice degree online. It is-----drum roll please!

d. Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice:
This online masters degree program is designed for busy professionals. It can be completed in 2 years of part-time study or one year of full-time study. The program will allow you to:

1. Understand the Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks of Crime and Criminal Justice Study

2. Assess and Improve Criminal Justice Systems

3. Conduct Improved Policy Analysis

4. Identify Current Trends in Law Enforcement, Policing, Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Corrections

5. Apply and Conduct Criminal Justice Research

6. Etc.

The program will cover theories, research, and administrations of criminal justice systems. Classes will be taught in such areas as:

1. Criminal Justice Policy Analysis
2. Criminal Justice Management
3. Research Methods in Criminal Justice
4. Applied Statistics in Criminal Justice
5. Theory and Philosophy of Corrections
6. Theory and Practice of Law Enforcement
7. Etc.

If you are interested in an online master’s degree in criminal justice, University of Cincinnati is one school you should check out. Follow this link to request for their free information.

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