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Nebraska Online Criminal Justice Schools?
In our review and profile of online criminal justice schools by state, we have reached the state of Nebraska. We have found one online school in the Nebraska we like. It is presented below.

Bellevue University Online:
Bellevue University is a state of Nebraska online criminal justice school that was founded in 1966. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). The school is located at:

Bellevue University
1000 Galvin Road South
Bellevue, NE 68005

Bellevue University offers the following criminal justice degrees online:

a. BS in Investigations:
This degree program equips students to work in private and public security as law enforcement, loss prevention, fraud, and money laundering investigators. Students will come to understand the role investigators play in criminal and civil litigations. Upon graduation, graduates will be able to conduct civil and criminal investigations and be able to write reports about those investigations.

Those seeking to enter this program should expect to take the following courses:

1. Introduction to Public and Private Investigations
2. Investigative Results and Professional Services
3. Investigative Ethics
4. Investigations in Public Sector
5. Investigations in the Private Sector
6. Investigative Strategies
7. Crime Scenes, Clues, Forensics, and Evidence
8. Etc.

b. Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration:
This online bachelor degree in criminal justice prepares graduates to assume leadership and management roles in the criminal justice organizations. They will acquire the skills required to be administrators in law enforcement, corrections, and security organizations.

Graduates will, among other things, conduct in-depth analysis of criminal justice issues and propose solutions. There will be classes in the following areas:

1. Criminal Justice System and Society
2. Criminal Justice Strategic and Fiscal Planning
3. Management Principles for Criminal Justice
4. Tactical Operations Management in Criminal Justice Organizations
5. Community Policing
6. Personnel Assignments in Criminal Justice Agencies
7. Research and Statistics in Criminal Justice
8. Etc.

c. Bachelor of Science in Corrections Administration and Management:
This corrections degree program prepares graduates to assume leadership and management roles in the correctional organizations. They assume positions like warden, corrections supervisor, corrections director, and corrections deputy director.

Graduates will acquire the skills needed to develop and improve modern correctional organizations. You can expect to take the following classes:

1. History and Philosophy of Corrections
2. Principles of Management and Administration of Corrections
3. Information Systems for Corrections
4. Strategic and Fiscal Planning in Corrections
5. Restorative Justice
6. Contemporary Issues in Corrections
7. Effective and Efficient Interventions in Corrections
8. Etc.

d. Bachelor of Science in Security Management:
This security management degree prepares graduates to manage private, public, and industrial security organizations. You will learn management techniques, theories, and methods that apply to security organizations.

Graduates will acquire the skills needed to build on their experience in crime prevention, retail security, and safety. You can expect to take the following courses:

1. Introduction to Security
2. Security Methods
3. Risk Analysis
4. Security Administration and Management
5. Effective Security Investigation
6. Contemporary Issues in Security Management
7. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Security
8. Etc.

e. Master of Science in Security Management:
Those who acquire master’s degree in security management should be ready to assume positions of directors of security. You will work in private, public, or homeland security organizations. You will have in-depth understanding of homeland defense, counter-terrorism, and cyber-security and protection.

You can expect to take the following courses:

1. Homeland Security Principles and Practices
2. Critical Infrastructure Analysis and Strategies
3. Emergency Preparedness
4. Terrorism and Homeland Defense Fundamentals
5. Principles and Theories of Security Management
6. Risk Management and Threat Assessment
7. Cyber-Security and Information Protection
8. Etc.

As you can see, Bellevue has some excellent online criminal justice programs. Request for their free information by following this link.

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