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Minnesota Online Criminal Justice Schools:
As we review online criminal justice schools by state, we arrive at the state of Minnesota. Minnesota is not lacking in criminal justice schools.

The schools below are the ones we have uncovered so far.

Rasmussen College:
Rasmussen College is a state of Minnesota criminal justice school that was established in 1900. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). The criminal justice program is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA). The school is located at:

Rasmussen College
12450 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 315
Minnetonka, MN 55305-1928

You can get the following criminal justice degrees from Rasmussen College:

a. Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice:
This degree program teaches you the foundation of criminal justice. You will learn the functions of the criminal justice system that includes law enforcement, structure of the courts, and structure of corrections. Expect to take the following courses:

1. Policing in America
2. Introduction to Criminal Justice
3. Introduction to Homeland Security
4. Terrorism
5. Criminology
6. Juvenile Justice
7. Etc.

b. Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice:
The first two years of the bachelor program mirrors the associate degree program. So, those with the above associate degree will be able to continue on to the bachelor program as third year students.

This degree program will help those seeking career advancement in corrections, homeland security, private security, juvenile justice, loss prevention, and court clerk to name a few. Courses will be taught in the following areas:

1. Drugs and Crime
2. Security Challenges
3. Criminal Law and Procedures
4. Corrections
5. Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
6. Ethics in Criminal Justice 7. Domestic Violence
8. Etc.

c. Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal:
Students who enroll in this paralegal program will learn the legal system and work in courts, law firms, and government agencies. The skills they acquire will help them perform the following tasks:

1. Research Legal Issues

2. Analyze and Draft Contracts, which Conform to Legal Precedents

3. Perform Legal Writing and Prepare Legal Documents

4. Categorize Legal Data and Issues

5. Have Effective Oral and Written Communication Skills

6. Arbitrate Disputes Between Parties

7. Have Computer Proficiency and Knowledge Used in the Legal Profession

8. Etc.

The program usually takes about a year and half to complete. You can expect to take the following classes:

a. Introduction to Law and the Legal System
b. Contracts
c. Law Office technology
d. Civil Litigation Procedure
e. Legal Research and Writing
f. Corporate Law
g. Family Law
h. Etc.

If you are looking for criminal justice degree, Rasmussen college is a good choice. You can request for their free information through this link.

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