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Masters Degree in Private Security:
A masters degree in private security will prepare you for expert and leadership positions in private and public security firms and agencies. You will gain real world experience in the field of security.

You will acquire expert knowledge and come to understand the challenges facing private and public security organizations.

This master degree program can be completed in 12 to 24 months. You will take such coursework as:

1. Contemporary Issues in Security Management

2. Private Security Systems Design

3. Public Security Systems Design

4. Disaster Management

5. Planning and Managing Crisis Response

6. International Security Management

7. Domestic Security Management

8. Legal and Regulatory Issues in Security Management

9. Security and Criminal Justice

10. Etc.

When you graduate, your skills will help you lead and run security organizations, both in the private or public sector. You will be equipped with the ability to do the following:

a. Adapt security concepts from old methods to new vulnerabilities

b. Analyze security liabilities in any organization

c. Formulate solutions to security liabilities in any organization

d. Develop new concepts to tackle future security threats

e. Analyze current security technologies and develop new technologies to deal with security issues

f. Analyze crisis response readiness

g. Develop crisis response readiness

h. Prepare and catalogue emergency response to security issues

i. Apply professional and ethical behavior to security

j. Etc.

Private Security Salary:
When you attain this level of education in private security, you can expect to be paid handsomely. The average salary we have found is $86,000 per year. This varies depending on where you work and your leadership position.

Some people make salaries in the six figures. At this salary level, you are pretty much the be all and end all when it comes to security for your organization. You will usually be in the upper echelon of management.

Master of Private Security Schools:
The schools that offer masters degree in private security are very few. We have found a good one though. The school is Eastern Kentucky University.

Eastern Kentucky University offers a master of science in safety, security and emergency management. The program is very comprehensive and gives you the knowledge to work in various organizations.

They are currently the only school we know that offers their master of private security degree completely online. You really need to check them out. You can request for their free information through this link.

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