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Masters in Degree Paralegal:
A masters degree in paralegal is for those that really want to set themselves apart in the field of paralegal. It gives you the opportunity to gain expert knowledge in the field.

You can specialize and be the person your law firm goes to when it comes to your area of specialization.

If you already hold a bachelors degree in paralegal, most of your classes will count towards your masters program. The program can be completed in as little as 18 to 24 months beyond the bachelor’s degree program. You will take courses like:

1. American Jurisprudence

2. Advanced Legal Report Writing

3. Corporate and Contracts Law

4. Advance Legal Research

5. Government Law

6. International Law

7. Legal Methods and Process

8. Intellectual Property Law

9. Etc.

Upon completing this degree program, you will become a valuable member of your law firm or agency. You will be involved in such things as:

a. Investigating Legal Cases

b. Researching Legal Documents

c. Coordinating the Activities of Other Law Office Employees

d. Managing and Maintaining Law Office Records

e. Assisting Lawyers Prepare Cases

f. Analyzing and Organizing Legal Documents

g. Etc.

A master’s degree in paralegal is rare. This is why very few schools offer the program. It is a program for those that really want advanced knowledge of law without the hassle of going to law school.

Paralegal Salary:
Paralegals that hold master’s degree make about $60,000 per year to start. Those that hold a bachelor’s degree make about $56,000 per year. This is a difference of $4,000 per year. $4,000 per year does add up over a lifetime career. And we don’t have to mention this pay will continue to increase as they gain more experience and years of service.

Masters Degree in Paralegal School:
We know of one school that has a very good paralegal master degree program. The school is Kaplan University. Some schools like Kaplan University call their masters degree in paralegal masters degree in legal studies. Kaplan University offers this masters degree in legal studies both online and campus based.

We encourage you to check them out. You need to get their free no obligation information while you are there. You can do so by clicking this link. You have nothing to lose since the info is free.

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