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Masters Degree Homeland Security:
A master’s degree in Homeland Security prepares you for management and leadership positions in safety, security, and emergency management organizations. These organizations can be private, local, state, or federal.

You will gain global knowledge of governments and how these governments respond to threats and terrorism.

You will come to understand the various infrastructures that help society function. Infrastructures like air transportation, rail transportation, power, water are targets for terrorists. You will be learning things that will help you design defenses against these threats.

This master degree program can be completed in 12 to 24 months. You can expect to take such classes as:

1. Critical Incident Planning

2. Homeland Security

3. Emergency Management Issues

4. Critical Infrastructure Protection

5. Planning and Managing Crisis Response

6. Intelligence Management

7. Domestic Security Management

8. Terrorism and Homeland Security

9. Current Issues in Homeland Security

10. Etc.

When you complete the masters program, your skills and training can be used in various capacities and different organizations. You will be able to gain employment as one of the following:

a. Counter Terrorism Consultant
b. Homeland Security Agent
c. Intelligence Analyst
d. Emergency Management Director
e. Security Consultant
f. Public Safety Director
g. Etc.

Homeland Security Salary:
People with master’s degree in homeland security do get paid quite well. The average salary we have found is $71,000 per year. This varies depending on where you work and your management and leadership position.

Some people with this level of education in the homeland security field make salaries in the six figures. These people are highly sought after and have attained expert status.

Masters Degree Homeland Security School:
This is a rapidly expanding profession. A lot of colleges are responding to the demand. One such school is Eastern Kentucky University.

Eastern Kentucky University has just added a homeland security specialization in their master of science in safety, security and emergency management. You gain a very good understanding of safety, security and emergency management. Then, you top it off with concentration in homeland security.

If you are really interested in a master degree in homeland security, then we urge you to check them out. You can do so by requesting their no obligation free information. Just click this link and tell them where to send the information.

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