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Masters Degree Computer Forensics:
Those who get masters degree in computers forensics enjoy a battle of wits. As hackers and computer criminals come up with new methods to commit crimes, forensic investigators enjoy coming up with ways to combat them.

The computer forensic investigator must also work to stay ahead of these computer criminals.

An example of this is the Carnivore computer program. This program checks e-mails at random to detect terrorists and terrorist threats.

The master’s program in computer forensics will take 18 to 24 months to complete. You will take classes in:

1. Computer Forensics

2. Computer Forensics Investigations

3. Forensics of Telecommunication Devices

4. Legal Issues in Computer Forensics

5. Ethical Issues in Computer Forensics

6. Advanced Forensics Technology

7. Critical Incidence Response

8. Advanced Computer Forensics Intelligence

9. Cyber Security

10. Etc.

Graduates will be leaders in computers security organizations, both private and public. Your training will enable you do the following:

a. Plan and develop new computer security concepts

b. Analyze computer security liabilities

c. Formulate solutions to computer security liabilities

d. Develop new computer security hardware and software

e. Keep abreast of computer forensics policies and regulations

f. Analyze and develop crisis response readiness

g. Maintain integrity of computer forensics evidence

h. Write technical computer forensics reports

i. Etc.

As you can see, with MS in computer forensics, you have a lot to do. You will become a computer security specialist or expert.

Master’s Degree Computer Forensics Salary:
As stated above, you do have a lot to do. This is reflected in the salary you get as a computer forensics specialist. The average salary we have seen is $97,000 per year.

Those that know their stuff can count on job security. Companies tend to hang on to good computer forensics experts. That is how important the security of computers and computer networks has become.

This is a career that is exploding. In fact, there is no end to this growth in the near future.

Masters Degree Computer Forensics School:

This profession is relatively new. There are not a lot of schools offering the graduate degree in computer forensics. We recommend you search for a school in your area. You can find online or campus schools near you. If you are interested, just click this link to get started. You will receive free and no obligation information.

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