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Maryland Online Criminal Justice Schools?
We have reached the state of Maryland in our state by state review and profile of online criminal justice schools. When it comes to online criminal justice schools, the state of Maryland is not lacking.

You find these schools in such cities as Adelphi and Baltimore. Below as some the schools we have uncovered that offer criminal justice degrees online.

University of Maryland College/UMUC Online:
The University of Maryland College is a state of Maryland online criminal justice school that was founded in 1947 and is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It is located at:

University of Maryland College
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783

UMUC offers the following criminal justice programs and degrees online:

a. Certificate in Paralegal Studies:
This paralegal studies program teaches legal concepts, procedures, and skills necessary in wide variety of legal environment. You learn the organizations, functions, and processes of the institutions in the US legal system. Expect to take the following classes:

1. Introduction to Law
2. Techniques of Legal Research
3. Litigation
4. Evidence
5. Domestic Relations
6. Criminal Law and Procedures
7. Etc.

b. Certificate in Homeland Security Management:
In this program, you will acquire technical and management skills needed to manage and prepare response systems to different threats and vulnerabilities at the federal, state, and local level. You should be prepared to take classes in:

1. Concepts in Homeland Security
2. Disaster Recovery, Planning, and Response
3. Physical Security
4. Security Policy, Ethics, and the Legal Environment
5. Etc.

c. Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies:
This bachelor’s program teaches you the skills you need for career in the legal field. You will come to understand the constitutional principles of the US legal system. On completion of the degree program, you will be able to:

1. Compare and Contrast the US Legal System with Other Legal Systems
2. Recognize the Ethical Issues in the Practice of Law
3. Understand the Procedures for Litigation of Disputes
4. Understand the Procedures for Settlement of Disputes
5. Perform as a Paralegal in Legal Practice
6. Etc.

d. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice:
This online criminal justice major prepares you for a career in the growing field of criminal justice. Students learn the history and development of criminal justice organizations and the worldwide diversity of the rule of law. Graduates of the program will acquire the following skills:

1. The Ability to Recognize Trends in Crime and Criminal Behavior
2. The Ability to Develop Methods of Crime Prevention and Treatment
3. The Ability to Identify and Compare International and Cross-Cultural Issues to Crime and Prevention
4. The Ability to Analyze Operations, Policies and Procedures in the Criminal Justice System
5. Explain the Role of the Police, Courts, and Corrections in the Administration of Justice
6. The Ability to Access, Interpret, and Apply Research Findings in Criminal Justice
7. Etc.

Students planning to pursue this program, should prepare themselves to take the following courses:

1. American Government
2. Law Enforcement Administration
3. Correctional Administration
4. Introduction to Criminalistics
5. Laws of Correction
6. Introduction to Security Management
7. Criminal Law
8. Psychology of Criminal Behavior
9. Etc.

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