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What is a Loss Prevention Specialist?
You may not believe it but stores and companies suffer a great deal of theft. The loss in revenue is in the billions. This is why they need loss prevention specialists, also known as store detectives.

If you enjoy life in the retail business, the store detective job may be for you. If you like playing cop, the loss prevention specialist career may be for you. If you enjoy the retail business and playing cop, then the store detective career is definitely for you.

Store detectives prevent customers and employees from robbing the store blind. They will typically perform the following functions for the store or company they work for:

1. Watch sales floor to prevent shoplifting

2. Watch sales floor to prevent price tag changing

3. Perform surveillance in store delivery areas

4. Investigate falsification of store or company records

5. Monitor store register to prevent shrinkage. Shrinkage is where register employees may not charge or reduce the price of an item for friends and family

6. Ensure protection of company or store assets, including employees

7. Assist in inventory control

8. Assist in store or company audits

9. Etc.

This is a demanding job that requires attention to detail. Any mistake you make could be costly to the store.

For example, falsely accusing somebody of theft could be costly to the store. This is because such a person is likely to sue.

You will also need to keep good records. These records could be needed in the court of law. It could be the store prosecuting a shoplifter or the store being sued for false accusation.

How to Become a Loss Prevention Specialist:
Most store detectives or loss prevention specialists are ex military or law enforcement officers. If you don’t have law enforcement or military experience, then you need a college degree in criminal justice or police science. This is understandable because you will be doing investigative or detective work. You will need to be trained in the skills to do this type or work.

Loss Prevention Specialist Salary:
Loss prevention specialists make $26,000 per year to start. This salary will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

Loss Prevention Specialist School:
If you are looking for a school to get an associate or bachelor degree in criminal justice, we recommend Kaplan University. With Kaplan University, you have good selection of criminal justice majors. One of their majors that may be more suitable for the loss prevention career is investigations.

The criminal justice in investigations major can be done online. Check it out by following this link.

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