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What are Life Experience Degrees or Work Experience College Degrees?
Life experience college degrees are degrees you get based on your work and life experiences instead of attending a major university like Montgomery college campus. You can get certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and all the way to doctorate degrees.

There is no profession or career that’s more suited for this type of degree than the criminal justice profession.

A lot of military recruits are young boys that just left high school. They are usually not ready for college so they join the military. They get some of the best training you can get anywhere in life. The ones that don’t become professional soldiers leave after their tour of duty is over.

A career in the criminal justice field is perfect for these ex-soldiers based on their training. They can have an easy transition into a profession in the police force should they desire.

We know of ex-soldiers who did not know what to do with their lives after their military career. They sit around on couches wondering what to do next with their life.

Thank goodness for colleges that offer degrees based on work and life experience, these ex-soldiers can now get college degrees. These degrees can help them land good paying jobs than jobs they can get without these degrees. If you already have a job, the degree can help you get promotions.

The way it works is that you will be required to fill out a form listing all your work and life experience. Then the school will evaluate it and tell you in as little as 7 days if they will award you the degree. If you have the required years of experience, you will be awarded the degree. If you don’t know how to articulate your experience and years of experience on paper, we suggest you get someone to help you with the form.

Another way to get the work and life experience degree is through equivalency test. This is for those that don’t have the required years of experience. If you are feeling confident about knowing your stuff, we encourage you to take the equivalency test. Why wait around for the years of experience when you know your stuff cold.

The school we have uncovered that offers work and life experience degrees is Suffield University. Suffield University developed their Prior Learning Program to reward those individuals who have the knowledge required for a university degree, but until now, were denied the better job or promotion they deserved. Suffield’s prior learning program allows those individuals without the time or financial resources for a traditional school to obtain the degrees they have earned through the experiential learning process.

Check out the Prior Learning Progarm at Suffield University

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