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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?
Legal nurse consulting is one of the places where medicine meets criminal justice. This type of consulting involves working as a liaison between medicine and the legal system.

Lawyers cannot readily interpret medical records. The legal nurse consultant helps them interpret these records amongst other things. The nurse in this case will be cheaper than a medical doctor for this type of function. They are expected to perform the following duties:

1. Organize Medical Records

2. Review and Interpret Medical Records

3. Conduct Medical Research as it Relates to the Case at Hand

4. Prepare Timeline, Chronologies, and Summaries of Medical Issues in a Case

5. Prepare Health Care Plan for Catastrophic Injuries

6. Locate Medical Appropriate Case Expert Witness

7. Assist with Medical Strategies of a Case

8. Attend Trials, Including Acting as Witness and/or Assisting to Demonstrate Medical Evidence

9. Etc.

It must be pointed out that legal nurse consultants don’t only work with lawyers. They also work with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. For example, in malpractice law suits, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and insurance companies need their own medical experts.

They can also start their own independent practice and work for themselves. This will require knowing the basic skills needed to run a business.

How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant:
To become a legal nurse consultant, you must first become a registered nurse. This is an ideal job for nurses looking to specialize. Then, after you become a registered nurse, you need to obtain a certificate in legal nurse consulting from a school that offers the program. You can expect to take courses in the following:

1. Civil Litigation for Nursing Consultant

2. Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting

3. Medical Records Summary and Review

4. Health Care Risk management

5. Medical Malpractice

6. Medical Liability

7. Government Regulations and Compliance

8. Tort Law

9. Etc.

An online legal nurse consultant certificate can be completed in 12 months. The cost of the program is about $3500.

Legal Nurse Consultant Salary:
Legal nurse consultants make excellent salary. According to a survey by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, consultants make as much as $70 to $200 per hour. This is an excellent hourly wage. This maybe because of the specialized training involved in this career.

Legal Nurse Consultant School:

Kaplan University Online is the only school we have uncovered so far that offers the legal nurse consulting certificate. Check them out by requesting for their free information by clicking here.

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