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What is a Juvenile Probation Officer?
Just like adults, juveniles can get in trouble with the law. When they do, it puts them on the path of the criminal justice system. Society must find ways to rehabilitate these juvenile offenders or they could be destined to life of crime.

One of the people society put in charge of rehabilitating juvenile offenders is juvenile probation officers. Juvenile probation officers work in the juvenile justice system to help alter the behavior of juvenile offenders. Their duties and responsibilities are as follows:

1. Investigating the background of the juvenile that includes family, school records, and other agencies involved

2. Investigating the juvenile for drug and alcohol use

3. Preparing psychological profile of the juvenile

4. Making recommendation to the court on the needs of the juvenile based on the above investigations and psychological profile

5. Appearing in court to present their recommendation

6. Supervising the juvenile’s therapy based on court orders

7. Supervising the juvenile’s education and training based on court orders

8. Revoking the juvenile’s probation should it become necessary

9. Effecting warrant and arrest of juvenile should they become necessary

10. Etc.

A juvenile probation officer’s job is not a 9 to 5 and Monday to Friday job. Trouble could arise with a juvenile offender any time and day of the week. The officer must be ready to respond when it happens.

The juvenile probation officer must be willing to work with people of diverse backgrounds. This will require your understanding that not everyone lives the way you do or have your value system.

How to Become a Juvenile Probation Officer:
While requirements vary for becoming a juvenile probation officer, the most common requirement is a formal education. This education is usually 4 years of college to earn a bachelor’s degree. In our research, the majors commonly mentioned are juvenile justice, criminal justice, criminology, sociology, psychology, or guidance and counseling.

Juvenile Probation Officer School:
One school that offers most of the above majors is AIU. They offer both online and campus learning in the above majors. You can request for their free no obligation information through this link.

Juvenile Probation Officer Salary:
Juvenile probation officers average pay is about $40,000 per year. Your pay will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

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