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What is a Judge?
If you watch shows like Judge Judy, you have an inkling of what some judges do. But unlike most TV show judges, some real life judges do things a little differently. This depends on the court system they work in.

Judges are an important cog in the criminal justice system. It is a system full of conflicts that require resolution. This is where judges come in. They play the following roles:

1. Preside Over Trial and Make Sure the Trial is Fair to All Parties Involved

2. Resolve Conflicts Between Prosecutor and Defense Lawyer

3. Set Boundaries for Lawyers

4. Instruct and Interpret the Law to Jurors in Jury Trials

5. Decide Sentence in Jury Trials

6. Decide Quilt or Innocence In Non Jury Trials

7. Decide Sentence in Non Jury Trials

8. Supervise Court Staff in Some Court Systems

9. Appellate Court Judges Handle Appeal From Lower Courts

10. Etc.

A judge must be impartial in cases that come before him or her. If a judge feels that personal feeling may prejudice a case, he or she must rescue (excuse) himself or herself from the case.

Judges work at different levels of the government. You have judges that handle local cases, like traffic fines. You also have state and federal judges. The cases handled by these state and federal judges vary a great deal.

How to Become a Judge:
To become a judge, you must first of all go to law school. Then after law school, you need to pass your state’s bar exam. You will then need to practice law for a number of years.

After meeting the above requirements, there are two ways you can become a judge. The first is by being appointed to the position. The appointment is usually through a judicial nominating committee. This committee recommends lawyers that should be made judges. You will need to impress this committee so they can nominate you.

The second is by running for the position. Some judge positions require that you run a political campaign to get into the position. You will need to run and win an election like any other politician.

Judge Salary:
A judge makes a handsome salary. Some judges make as much as $87,000 per year to start. Supreme Court judges make over $200,000 per year. This is a pay that will put a smile on any body’s face, when you consider the fact that Supreme Court judge positions are lifetime positions.

Judge School:
If you looking to attend law school on your way to becoming a judge, consider Concord University. Concord University gives you the opportunity to earn the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree online. It is part of the Kaplan University school system. You should request for their free information by clicking this link.

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