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Certificate in Homeland Security:
This certificate in homeland security is for those that have a bachelor’s degree in another field. It is more commonly called Homeland Security Postbaccalaureate Certificate in the field.

People who get this degree are college graduates or career changers who all of a sudden discover that they would rather work in the homeland security field. This certificate helps them make that transition.

A homeland security postbaccalaureate certificate holder will hold a higher level job in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) than a homeland security diploma holder. This is because of their level of education, having already been through 4 years of college.

This certificate program will deal with the more sensitive tasks of the DHS. You will be involved in clandestine tasks of the DHS. You can expect to cover such things as:

1. DHS Policy Analysis
2. Current Issues in Homeland Security
3. Issues in Terrorism
4. Homeland Security Management
5. Homeland Security, Public Safety, and Terrorism
6. Criminal Justice Procedures
7. Counter-Terrorism
8. Etc.

As we said above, completion of this certificate program will help get clandestine positions in the Department of Homeland Security. These are the positions that handle sensitive information and carryout sensitive tasks and assignments. This means being able to work as:

a. Secret Service Agent
b. FBI Agent
c. NSA Officer
d. Security Analyst
e. Intelligence Analyst
f. Special Operations Agent
g. Etc.

Homeland Security Certificate Salary:
Homeland security certificate holders make $62,000 per year on the average. Compare this to the $48,000 per year that homeland security diploma holders make. You will notice that there is a significant difference in the 2 incomes.

The postbaccalaureate certificate holders make more than the diploma holders because they hold a bachelors degree in another major. Organizations and agencies can afford to pay them more because they require less training and do work that is more involved.

Homeland Security Certificate School:

We know of one school that offers homeland security postbaccalaureate certificate. The school is Eastern Kentucky University. The courses taken in the certificate program can be transferred to a masters program in homeland security should you want to further your education. You need to check them out. You can do so by following this link.

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