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What is a Forensic Psychologist?
Forensic Psychology is where psychology meets the criminal justice system. Forensic psychologists look into the psychological aspects of a crime. They are able to apply this knowledge to help people involved in a case find justice.

There are mental aspects to every crime. It is the duty of forensic psychologists to help law enforcement, the courts, and lawyers understand this mental aspect. In carrying out their duties, they perform the following functions:

1. Determine the defendant’s mental state when the crime was committed. A defendant’s state of mind when the crime was committed can influence the trial process

2. Determine if the defendant is mentally strong enough to stand trial

3. Help in the treatment of defendants that are not mentally strong enough to stand trial

4. Make recommendations to court about the defendant’s ability to handle the sentence the court may impose

5. Help to determine if defendant is faking mental sickness

6. Help with rehabilitation plan and implementation of convicted criminals

7. Assess defendant’s capability of committing future crime

8. Etc.

The forensic psychologist must exercise ethical standard in his or her work. Their evaluation of defendants must be geared towards find the truth and justice. In this regard, they must not favor the prosecution or defense.

Forensic psychology involves dealing with criminal minds. These criminals may exhibit deviant behavior. Somebody interested in this field must be willing and able to deal with this deviant behavior.

How to Become a Forensic Psychologist:
To become a forensic psychologist, one must acquire at least a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor degree will most likely take you 4 years to complete. You can major in forensic psychology or psychology. In any of the degree programs, you can expect to take such classes as:

1. Introduction to Psychology
2. Introduction to Forensic Psychology
3. Abnormal Psychology
4. Crisis Intervention
5. Psychology of Law Enforcement
6. Introduction to Forensic Science
7. Theories of Personality
8. Motivational Psychology
9. Etc.

This is a profession where expert status is preferred. To attain this status, you need years of experience and/or at least a master’s degree.

Forensic Psychologist Salary:
The pay for forensic psychologist varies a great deal. Most of the time, it depends on your location of work and your level of education. It is not uncommon for them to make as much as $65.000 per year.

Forensic Psychologist School:

Kaplan University Online is one school we know that offers an online bachelor of science degree in forensic psychology. You can request for their free information by following this link.

For those interested in psychology degree, Keiser University is an excellent choice. They offer both bachelors and masters degrees in psychology online. Request for their free information through this link.

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