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What is a Forensic Nurse?:
Nurses are oftentimes called angels of mercy. Forensic nurses are these angels of mercy that help solve crimes and work as victims advocates.

This job is part of the array of career opportunities in the criminal justice field. They may be called to crime scenes by law enforcement agents. They play the following roles:

1. Identify and Collect Forensic Evidence in Healthcare Settings that can Withstand Legal Scrutiny

2. Present Their Findings in Court When Necessary

3. Communicate with Other Forensic Teams, Like Victim Advocates and Law Enforcement Agencies

4. Identify Policies and Procedures for Conducting Evidentiary Examinations for Victims of Violence

5. Determine Treatment for Triage and Emergency Intervention for Patients

6. Analyze the Political Implications of Violence as it Relates to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

7. Analyze the Social Implications of Escalating Violence as it Relates to Society, Law Enforcement, and the Criminal Justice System as a Whole

8. Etc.

As with the nursing profession, you must be willing to deal with different types of people. You must also have the understanding and patience to navigate the legal system.

How to Become a Forensic Nurse:
To become a forensic nurse, you must first become a registered nurse. This is an ideal job for nurses looking to specialize. Then, after you become a registered nurse, you need to obtain a certificate in forensic nursing through a school that offers the program. You can expect to take courses in the following area:

1. Forensics Physical Assessment and Evidence Collection
2. Death Investigation
3. Courtroom Experience
4. Crisis Intervention
5. Planning and Implementation of Follow-Up Care
6. Forensic Psychological Assessment, Interview, and Report Writing
7. Etc.

An online forensic nursing certificate can be completed in 12 months. The cost of the program is about $3500.

Forensic Nursing Salary:
Forensic nurses make excellent salary. According to the survey of the International Associate of Forensic Nurses members, forensic nurses make as much as $55 to $300 per hour. This is an excellent hourly wage. This maybe because of the specialized training involved in this career.

Forensic Nursing School:
Kaplan University Online is the only school we have uncovered so far that offers the certificate of forensic nursing. Request for their free information by clicking this link.

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