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What is a Fire Investigator?
Do you enjoy unraveling a mystery? Do you think combing through rubbles can be fun?

Then, you may like being a fire investigator. Fire investigation involves digging through piles of charcoal to figure out what caused a fire.

As hard as it is to believe, there are clues left after the destruction caused by fire. It is the job of the fire investigator to find those clues and use them to determine what caused the fire. In the course of doing an investigation, the fire investigator will do the following:

1. Visit the fire site to examine and gather evidence about the fire

2. Interview witnesses, including property owner and occupants to document what they know about the fire

3. Take pictures of the fire and any clues that may have led to the fire

4. Reconstruct and document the fire scene

5. Analyze the evidence and all information to determine what caused the fire

6. Consult with experts, like firefighters

7. Investigate to make sure there were no violation or neglect of rules, laws, and regulations

8. Prepare and maintain report of his or her findings

9. Assist in the prosecution of offenders by testifying in court

10. Etc.

A fire investigator must be analytical and be able to make sound decision. His or her decision could affect the life of those involved, including property owners.

For example, a fire investigator saying a fire was caused by neglect or violations of the law may impact the building owner’s ability to collect on his or her insurance. It could also lead to occupants of the building suing the property owner.

How to Become a Fire Investigator:
Determining what caused a fire is difficult. This is why it is hard to hire somebody off the street to become a fire investigator. You need knowledge and understanding of fire and investigation. This is why most fire investigators start out from the law enforcement and firefighting fields.

Most organizations that hire fire investigators advise that you start out by becoming a firefighter first. You can do this by volunteering at your local fire department. This way you can begin to understand the dynamics of fire. While doing this, you can start taking fire investigation courses. These courses will help you get certification as a fire investigator.

With your fire investigation training, you can apply to become a certified fire investigator. The National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) is the organization that certifies fire investigators. With this certification, you can begin to apply for jobs.

Most government fire investigation agencies, especially the federal government agencies, require their fire investigators to have bachelor’s degree. The preferred major is fire science. You should seriously consider this route to make yourself more marketable in the job market.

Fire Investigator School:

One school we know that offers a bachelor’s degree in fire science is Eastern Kentucky University. The beauty is that you can do their fire science degree program online. You can follow this link to request for their free no obligation information.

Fire Investigator Salary:
Fire investigators make excellent pay. The average salary to start is $56,000 per. This will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

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