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What is a Fingerprint Specialist?
The fingerprinting profession has two popular sayings; 1) No two fingerprints are the same; 2) if your fingerprints are there, it means you were there.

The above are what drive fingerprint specialists. The fingerprint specialist lifts, examines, interprets, catalogues, analyzes, and indentifies fingerprints of individuals. A typical fingerprinting process will involve the following:

1. Fingerprinting an individual for the record
2. Examining the fingerprints to determine pattern
3. Classifying fingerprints using manual or automated methods
4. Searching and conducting comparative examinations and analysis of existing fingerprints to establish identification
5. Etc.

The work of fingerprint specialists may involve more than just taking fingerprints. It could be part of criminal investigation to determine who’s done it. This will require knowledge of law enforcement system of criminal identification. It will also mean being able to go to court to explain methods used in obtaining the fingerprints, making comparisons, and making the identification.

For criminal investigation fingerprints, the fingerprint specialist must follow the law or proper procedure. This is because his or her evidence and procedure will surely be challenged in court. If the law or proper procedure is not followed, the evidence can be thrown out of court.

How to Become a Fingerprint Specialist:
To become a fingerprint specialist, you will need a high school diploma and 2 years of work experience. The experience should be in handling criminal records. You can use 30 semester hours of college credit to substitute for each year of experience required. This means you can get this job with associate degree without the years of experience.

There is no preferred major for the college credits. But if you are going to work in this profession, you might as well major in something that will help you become more successful. This means majors like law enforcement, criminal justice, police science, or criminology.

Fingerprint Specialist School:
A good school that has extensive criminal justice majors is Kaplan University. The good news is that you can go to Kaplan University from the comfort your home. Their criminal justice programs are offered online. You can follow this link to get their free information.

Fingerprint Specialist Salary:
Fingerprint specialists make excellent pay. It is not uncommon to see fingerprint specialist making $66,000 per year. With experience and years of service, some of them even make six figure income. Of course, this will depend on how valuable you are to the organization that employs you.

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