Become Deputy Sheriff and Find Sheriff Deputy Schools, Training, Jobs, and Careers

What is a Deputy Sheriff?
Deputy sheriffs essentially work for the sheriff. They help him or her perform law enforcement functions for the county government.

These sheriff deputies wear many hats. This means they have to be able to switch and adapt to different functions on the fly. The following are some of those functions:

1. Work as correction or detention officers. This will involve such things as prison inmate control, movement, emergency response, safety inspection, court appearance, criminal activity investigation.

2. Work as court security officers. This will involve protection of the courtroom, court building, court personnel, and response to court emergencies.

3. Work as criminal investigators. This will involve crime scene investigation, crime scene security, and protecting crime scene evidence.

4. Work in civil cases. In this scenario, they will be involved in eviction proceedings, non-payment of child support, subpoenas.

5. Etc.

The above list could go on and on. The sheriff deputy job does indeed offer those interested variety and diversity. It is hard to imagine being bored in this career.

How to Become a Deputy Sheriff:
The requirements to become a sheriff deputy seem to be consistent. The basic requirements are:

a. You Must be 18 years of age
b. You Must be a US Citizen
c. You Must Have High School Diploma or GED
d. You Must Pass a Background Check
e. You Must Have no Felony Conviction
f. You Must Have Valid Drivers License of Your State

After you are hired, you will be required to go through a law enforcement academy. There are counties that require you to have the Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) before they consider you for employment.

Though not made a mandatory requirement, there are sheriff departments that express a preference for people with law enforcement, police science, or criminal justice degree. The most listed degree is at least an associate degree in criminal justice.

Deputy Sheriff Salary:
Most sheriff deputies make a starting salary of $35,000 per year, depending on the state and county you work. Some counties in California pay as much as $55,000 per year to start. This salary can rise to as much as $66,000 per year with experience.

Deputy Sheriff School:
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