Become Deputy Marshal and Find Marshals’ Deputy Schools, Training, Jobs, and Careers

What is a Deputy Marshal?
Deputy marshals typically work for the US marshal under the Department of Justice. They help him or her perform law enforcement functions for the federal government and its court system.

These marshal’s deputies wear many hats. This means they have to be able to switch and adapt to different functions on the fly. They help the US marshal perform the following duties:

1. Protect the Federal Courts and Judicial Officials

2. Investigate and Apprehend Fugitives

3. Manage Prisoners

4. Run Witness Security and Witness Protection Programs

5. Serve Court Documents

6. Transport Prisoners Between Locations

7. Transport Aliens Between Locations

8. Dispose Seized and Forfeited Properties

9. Etc.

How to Become a Deputy Marshal:
As with most federal law enforcement agencies, to become a deputy marshal, you need a bachelor’s degree or 3 years work experience. While no major or past work history is specified, at the top of the list is law enforcement training or experience. You are also required to meet the following additional requirements:

1. Be Between 21 and 37 Years of Age
2. Have a Valid Drivers License
3. Be a U.S. Citizen
4. Excellent Physical Shape
5. Successful Background Check

Once you are hired, you will be required to go through new agent training in Glynco, Georgia. This training will last 17 and half weeks. You will learn such things as:

a. Prisoner Search and Restraint
b. Surveillance
c. Court Security
d. Defensive Tactics
e. Search and Seizure
f. Officer Survival
g. Courtroom Evidence and Procedure
h. High Treat Trials
i. Etc.

Deputy Marshal Salary:
Deputy marshals make a starting salary of between $36000 and $41000 per year, depending on your education and experience. This pay will continue to rise as you gain more experience and years of service.

Deputy Marshal School:
If you are going to get a bachelors degree to become a deputy marshal, we encourage you to major in criminal justice, law enforcement, or policing. Just look at the basic training courses listed above. Majoring in criminal justice, policing, or law enforcement will give you the upper hand against your competition.

The school we recommend is Kaplan University. Kaplan University is one of the leaders in online education. You can request their free no obligation information by clicking this link.

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