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What is DEA Agent?
Drugs are ravaging America’s inner cities. This has lead to a war on drugs by the American government. DEA agents are at the forefront of this war.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is the department of the U.S. government that’s charged with fighting the war on drugs. The department has specially trained agents that are used to wage this war.

The DEA and its agents are responsible for the following:

1. Enforcing the Controlled Substances Laws and Regulations of the U.S.

2. Bringing to Justice Those Involved in the Growing, Manufacture, and Distribution of Controlled Substances

3. Dismantling Drug Trafficking Organizations

4. Destroying the Financial Infrastructure of Drug Trafficking Organizations

5. Prosecuting Drug Traffickers

6. Fighting Terrorism

7. Etc.

As you can see, it is a tall task. Drug traffickers don’t play with kid gloves. DEA agents must match them step by step. In fact to win the war, we must say, Drug Enforcement Administration agents must be a step or two ahead.

How to Become DEA Agent:
To become DEA agent, you need a college education. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree. While the B.Sc can be in almost any major, the preferred majors are Criminal Justice and Police Science.

You are also required to meet the following additional requirements:

1. Fluency in a Foreign Language, like Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Nigeria Dialects, etc.

2. Valid Drivers License

3. Be at least 21 years of age, but not more than 36 years old

4. Excellent Physical Shape

5. Successful Background Check

6. Top Secret Clearance

7. Good Vision

After you are hired, you go through 16 weeks of basic agent training in Virginia. You are advised to apply early as the hiring process could take up to 12 months.

DEA Agent Salary:
DEA agents make some of the best starting salary we have seen. This may be due to the high requirement of a college education and additional training before being posted. Those agents that finish the training can expect a starting salary of $49,746.00 to $55,483.00 per year. After 4 years of experience, DEA agents can make as much as $92,592.00 per year or more.

DEA Agent School:

As you might have expected, we recommend you get your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice if you are interested in being a DEA agent. You can't go wrong getting your bachelors degree in criminal justice from one the schools below. Request for their free information and decide which school you like better.

Request free Keiser University information

Request free AIU Online information

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