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What is Customs Agent?
Those that have done international travel have come in contact with customs agents. If you have also imported or exported goods, there’s a good chance you may have dealt with customs inspectors.

A customs agent or inspector works for the Treasury Department. They enforce U.S. Laws and Customs Regulations. People aspiring to this career should expect to perform the following duties:

1. Regulate the Legal Entry of Goods

2. Regulate the Legal Entry of Money

3. Regulate the Legal Entry of Narcotics

4. Stop Child Pornography

5. Collect Duties, Excise Taxes, and Fees

6. Inspect Outbound Goods

7. Check Quality of Imported Goods

8. Etc.
In their areas of operations, customs inspectors have as much power as the police. They can arrest suspected violators of custom laws. They can issue warrants and appear in court to give testimony. Inspectors also work undercover and perform search and seizure.

How to Become a Customs Agent:
To become a customs agent, you need 4 years of college or equivalent. You are also required to be less than 35 years old to enter the profession. You will have to pass a written exam and be physically fit. You must pass a background check and drug screening.

As can be expected, you will not just be put out there as soon as you are hired. You will undergo extensive training to help you learn the tricks of the trade. The training can last as long as three and half months.

Customs Agent Salary:
Customs agents that pass the written exam and survive the three and half months training, can expect to be rewarded with good pay. An entry level customs agent can make as much as $36,000.00 per year. Experienced ones even make more. An experienced customs inspect can make as much as $46,0000.00 per year.

Customs Agent School:
Since customs agents deal with enforcement of laws, we recommend you get the required bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, or Police Science. Needless to say, a degree in one these majors will give you a leg up on your competition.

We recommend the schools below for bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice or law enforcement. You can request for their free information by clicking the following links. It is better to request free information from both schools so you can see the school that fits your needs.

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