Find a Criminal Justice Career or Profession and be on Your Way
 to Making Good Money

Below you will see the criminal justice careers and professions we have reviewed. Each review tells you about that career, what you need to qualify for a job, and the money you can expect to make.

If you are a new comer to the profession and looking for the education, school, and training you need, we give our recommendations on the best places to school and/or train.You can’t go wrong by following our recommendations. Those places have been researched before we recommended them.

So, click a link, read our review and get started on your favorite criminal justice profession. Taking action today, could lead you to a better and more promising life a few short months or years from now. We wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Air Marshal

Airport Security Screener

Arson Investigator

ATF Agent

Bail Bondsman



Border Patrol Agent

Bounty Hunter

CBP Officer

CIA Agent

Compliance Officer

Computer Forensics

Correction Officer

Court Clerk

Court Reporter

Crime Analyst

Crime Prevention Specialist

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime Scene Technician

Criminal Investigator



Customs Agent

DEA Agent

Deportation Officer

Deputy Marshal

Deputy Sheriff

Detention Officer

Evidence Technician

FBI Agent

Fingerprint Specialist

Fire Investigator

Fish and Game Warden

Forensic Accountant

Forensic Nurse

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Scientist

Fraud Investigator

Homeland Security Specialist

INS Agent

Insurance Fraud Investigator

Intelligence Analyst


Juvenile Correctional Officer

Juvenile Detention Officer

Juvenile Probation Officer


Legal Nurse Consultant

Loss Prevention Specialist

Narcotics Officer


Park Ranger

Parole Officer

Peace Officer


Police Detective

Police Dispatcher

Police Officer

Polygraph Examiner

Postal Inspector

Prison Warden

Private Detective

Public Safety Officer

Secret Service Agent

Security Guard


State Trooper

US Marshal

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