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There is nothing like seeing the experts in action or watching them explain what they do in candid fashion. It can help drive the point home. Also some of us just like seeing and watching things than reading them. Others like doing both.

hat’s what this page is about. We aim to please everybody’s need. Whether you like reading about things, watching them, or doing both, this website now got you covered.

We bring criminal justice careers videos. Sit back, turn your speakers up, and just watch. If you’re into the criminal justice profession, you will love these videos. You will see experienced career professionals doing or explaining their thing. It should help you decide if you want to join or become one of them in the future.

We’ll add more videos as we do or uncover them. It’s a big field and we are just getting started. Meanwhile enjoy what we have so far…

Air Marshal Videos

Border Patrol Agent Videos

Bodyguard Videos

Bounty Hunter Videos

CIA Agent Videos

Correctional Officer

Criminal Investigator Videos

Crime Scene Investigation Videos

DEA Agent Videos

FBI Agent Videos

Fingerprint Specialist Videos

Police Officer Videos

Private Investigator Videos

Secret Service Agent Videos

Sheriff Career Videos

US Marshal Videos

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