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What is a Crime Prevention Specialist?
The drive to lower the crime rate is a never ending endeavor. Cities, businesses, law enforcement agencies and all communities are committed to this cause. This is the reason crime prevention specialists have become necessary.

Crime prevention specialists work with law enforcement, businesses, and the community to address crime issues. To accomplish this, they must perform the following functions:

1. Plan and coordinate neighborhood watch programs with the community and businesses

2. Plan and coordinate crime prevention programs and activities with the community and businesses

3. Prepare and present crime prevention training to the community

4. Develop and distribute crime prevention literature to the community

5. Develop kids safety programs

6. Coordinate and present kids safety programs to schools

7. Organize and conduct special crime prevention meetings and events

8. Analyze crime data

9. Make crime prevention recommendations based on crime data analysis

10. Etc.

A crime prevention specialist must be people oriented. He or she must have the skills to work with diverse groups of people. The person must also be prepared to meet groups at various times of the day and week. This means being very flexible with your schedule.

The crime prevention specialist must be familiar with the laws, rules, and regulations of the community they work in. This includes knowing the penal codes. This will help him or her make recommendations on things like landscaping, business permits, etc.

How to Become a Crime Prevention Specialist:
To become a crime prevention specialist, you need at least two years of college. This means getting an associate degree. Getting this associate degree in criminal justice, police science, or law enforcement will give you an upper hand over your competition.

It is recommended that you take some computer and presentation courses. You will need to use computer to prepare presentations. The job requires quite a bit of presentation. You should prepare yourself for this.

Crime Prevention Specialist Salary:
A crime prevention specialist makes a starting salary of $44,000 per year. Your pay will continue to increase as your experience and years of service increase.

Crime Prevention Specialist School:

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