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What is a Crime Analyst?
As the world we live in becomes more and more complex, so are the criminals that live among us. Police departments and law enforcement agencies must improve their methods of fighting and preventing crime. This has led to the emergence of crime analysts to help predict and prevent crime before they happen.

The crime analyst or crime prevention analyst is a law enforcement professional charged with the mission of identifying, analyzing, and finding solutions to crimes. A typical crime prevention analyst will do the following for the law enforcement agency that employs him or her:

1. Find and Analyze Crime Patterns and Series Before They Happen

2. Disseminate Information About Crime Patterns and Series so Police Officers can Stop Them

3. Research and Write Grant Proposals

4. Forecast Future Crimes so the Law Enforcement Agency can Arrest the Suspect

5. Forecast Future Police Work Volume so the Agency can Have Adequate Staffing

6. Analyze Traffic Accidents to Help Town or City Planning

7. Provide Police Chief and Shift Supervisor with Breakdown of Citations

8. Develop and Publish Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Newsletter for the Department

9. Use Criminal Histories, Public Databases, Internet, and Telephone to Help Investigators Track Down Criminals

10. Etc.

A crime analyst must be analytical and enjoy doing this type of work. The person will employ statistical knowledge to help predict crime patterns and series.

It is believed that crime analysts visit crime scenes. This is not true. Crime analysts sit in an office and do their jobs with the use of a computer.

How to Become a Crime Analyst:
This is a criminal justice profession where a college degree is almost a must. You will need at least a bachelors degree to start. The preferred majors are criminal justice, police science, statistics, psychology, or sociology.

Two years of experience in crime analysis may offset the bachelor’s degree requirement. Let’s say you have been a police officer that did in-house crime analysis for your department. This can help you get this job without a college degree.

Crime Analyst Salary:
Based on the specialized knowledge for this job, you can guess the pay will be good. An entry level crime analyst can make as much as $60,000 per year. Experienced ones can make as much as $80,000 per year. We don’t know about you, but these salaries make this an appealing job.

Crime Analyst School:

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