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What’s a Court Reporter?
Court reporters are a fascinating bunch. They are front and center in all crimes that make it to court, yet they hardly speak. They get to listen to some of the most fascinating cases and yet must be oblivious to them. This is a criminal justice profession where you let your fingers do the talking.

The court reporter is responsible for recording the proceedings of the court. They must record in verbatim conversations, speeches, legal proceedings, and all occurrences of the spoken word that maybe needed in the future. This is important because the legal system requires this record for the appeal process. Therefore, it must be accurate.

For example, a lawyer may want to appeal the decision of the court. The higher court must rely on the transcript of the court reporter and the argument of lawyers to determine the merits of the appeal. Can you then begin to imagine the importance of the court reporter? If the transcript of the case is not accurate, the judge/s of the higher court may reach the wrong decision.

Therefore, court reporters must pay attention to detail. They must have the keen interest to listen and listen well.

Court reporters use equipment called a stenograph to do their job. This stenograph is connected to a computer. The stenograph has symbols that are translated to text in real time.

Another equipment court reporters use is the silencer. This is a recording device they speak into. They are able to do this without other people hearing what they speak.

Needless to say, the court reporter works in the courts. He/she normally works 40 hours per week. On occasions, they maybe required to work after hours. This involves such things as taking depositions, interrogations, and public hearings after court hours.

Court Reporter Salary:
Court reporters make between about $25,000.00 per year. The experienced court reporter can make up to $50,000.00 per year. It’s also a great profession to moonlight. Businesses or conventions that need accurate and fast record of a meeting will hire a court report in a minute.

Court Reporter School:
To be a court reporter, you have to go to a school that offers court reporter program. You will learn to become proficient in English. You can expect to take such classes as:

1. Keyboarding
2. Law
3. Computers
4. Transcription Methods
5. Medical Terminology
6. Etc.

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