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What is a Court Clerk?
With all the cases that go on, Courts need to keep records. Their way of doing this is with court clerks. In other words, Clerks of the Court are the custodians of court records.

It takes a meticulous somebody to do this job. Can you imagine court records coming up missing. This could lead to a convicted criminal being free. Imagine if this criminal is a vicious killer. The consequences could be devastating.

So clerks of the court must take their jobs seriously. Along with maintaining court records, they are also in charge of the following:

1. Collecting Fees and Fines as Ordered by the Court
2. Signing Court Orders
3. Authenticating Court Documents with the Court Seal
4. Disseminating Court Judgments
5. Preparing the Schedule of Cases
6. Issuing Licenses, Like Marriage and Business Licenses
7. Recording Deeds and Titles of Mortgages
8. Etc.

These are important responsibilities that the clerk of the court is in charge of. The judicial system and general public expect these things to be done flawlessly.

How to Become a Court Clerk:
In some Judicial systems, clerks of the court are elected. You will need to contest and win election. So knowing a thing or two about politics will help. The minimum requirement for qualifying to run for election will most likely be high school education or GED.

But make no mistake about it, most electorates will prefer to vote for someone with criminal justice degree or background. This is not a job for an amateur.

In other judicial systems, clerks of the court are appointed. This really depends on the court. For example, the court clerk of the Supreme Court is appointed. This will be based on your education, knowledge, and experience.

Court Clerk Salary:
These custodians of court records make good pay. You can expect to make as much as $30,000 per year to start. Your salary will gradually increase as you gain more experience.

Also your pay will be impacted by the court system you work for. We are sure you know that the court clerk of the Supreme Court will make more money than that of the District Court. If for no other reason, the cases of the Supreme Court have higher profile and impact. You would expect the clerk of Supreme Court to be so compensated.

Court Clerk School:

A degree in criminal justice will help you become a court clerk. Whether you are elected or appointed, the people making the decision will feel more comfortable if you have training or background in criminal justice. We recommend the following criminal justice school to get you on your way.

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