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What is a Compliance Officer?
We are a nation of laws, rules, and regulations. These laws, rules, and regulations are put in place to protect the public. Otherwise, businesses or people will be looking for ways to cut corners to the detriment of the general public.

This is where compliance officers come in. Their job is to make sure businesses or people are following the laws, rules, and regulations.

Compliance officers can be found in various areas of our lives. Some of them are:

a. The National Bureau of Labor working for Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to make sure working conditions of businesses are safe for employees.

b. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor hazardous waste disposal, water and air pollution, and other environmental related issues.

c. Businesses to help them stay in compliance with relevant rules and regulations.

d. Etc.

A typical compliance inspector has to make sure of certain things in the course of performing his or her duties. Some of those things are:

1. Investigate complaints. This will involve getting information from the complainer and the business or organization the complaint is against

2. Visit the site or business to conduct inspection or investigation. This may involve conducting surveys, reviewing records, and/or taking samples to test later.

3. Keep accurate record of inspection or investigation. This may be required in the court of law.

4. Make recommendations about the compliant. This may involve something like equipment upgrade or dismissing the compliant.

5. Revisit the compliant to make sure their recommendation was followed.

6. Etc.

How to Become a Compliance Officer:
Most compliance inspectors or officers work with the government. As with most government enforcement agencies, you must have a bachelor’s degree. The most often mentioned majors are Occupational Health and Safety, Ecology, Environmental Health, Chemistry, Public Health, Health Studies, and Biological Sciences.

After you are hired, you will receive additional training. You will be trained in such things as how to conduct inspection, interview techniques, safety procedures, etc.

Compliance Officer Salary:
Compliance officers make a salary of $69,000 per year to start. This will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

Compliance Officer School:
There is a school that will help you get a bachelor’s degree in Health Studies or Public Health and most of the degree programs needed to become a compliance officer. You can attend it online without putting a hold to your current life. The school is AIU. Follow this link to get their free no obligation information.

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