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What’s a Bailiff?
If you have been to court or watched any court proceedings on television, you have seen bailiffs. They often stand next to the judge in court and wear uniform.

Being a bailiff is another career path one can take in the criminal justice field.

Bailiffs ensure the security of the courtrooms. They arrive first in the courtroom to make sure it is safe. They must search for bombs, guns, or any dangerous weapon before anybody else enters the court or the court proceedings start.

Then, it’s their duty to make sure those entering the courtroom do not have bombs and guns that could put people in court in danger. If they find any dangerous weapon, they must seize the weapon.

Bailiffs announce the entry of the judge into the courtroom. And while the court is in session, it’s their duty to keep things in order. They make sure people do not talk. They also make sure people don’t get rowdy in court. Some defendants can get out of hand while in court. It’s the responsibility of the bailiff to bring them back in-line.

The act of bringing to order a rowdy defendant or any other person in court can be daunting. When this situation does arise, the bailiff is required to call the sheriff for help. The bailiff can also call emergency medical personnel for emergency medical help.

Bailiffs read and enforce the rules of the court. They are allowed to handle evidence. They also handle case files and court supplies. In some courts, they are the ones that have witnesses put their right hand on the bible and make them swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

As you may know, some trials can last for days, if not weeks. In this instance, jurors are lodged at hotels. The people responsible for these jurors are bailiffs. They provide the jurors protection. They also make sure the jurors don’t contact people they are not supposed to contact. Bailiffs will even accompany jurors to restaurants to prevent this contact from happening.

Bailiff School:
There is no formal education that we know of to become a bailiff. But there’s no doubt that a certificate or associate degree will give you a leg up in the profession.

We recommend a certificate or associate degree in law enforcement since most of what they do is enforce rules. A good school for diploma, certificate, or associate degree in law enforcement is Kaplan University. You can get their free information by clicking this link.

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