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What is a Bail Bondsman?
The criminal justice system needs a way to make sure suspected criminals can appear in court. Otherwise, just about every suspect would have to be held in custody till their case is disposed.

This will create enormous prisons or jails. The bail bondsman or bail agent provides the criminal justice system a way out of this problem.

The bail bondsman provides payment of bail for criminal suspects that ensure the suspects will appear in court on designated date/s. The payment of bail could be asset or cash. The bail process works as follows:

1. A criminal suspect is arrested

2. The criminal suspect would need to be bailed out of jail till they have to appear in court

3. The criminal suspect’s family or close friend would contact a bail agent to arrange bail

4. The criminal suspect, or family, or close friend will sign to guarantee the suspect will appear in court

5. The person that signs will be responsible for the bail amount should the suspect not appear in court on the designated date/s

6. The bail agent would then post bail for the amount of the bail

7. The bail bondsman or bail agent will normally get paid 10 percent of the bail amount for their trouble

8. The criminal suspect is released from bail

9. If the criminal suspect skips bail, the bail bondsman will employ the services of a bounty hunter to capture the suspect

10. The cosigner (close friend or family) will pay the cost of the bounty hunter

11. Etc.

How to Become a Bail Bondsman:
To work as a bail bondsman or bail agent, you have to be licensed. The licensing is usually done by most state's department of insurance. It is advised you contact the one in the state you want to work in to get their requirements. These requirements vary a little from state to state. Below are some of the most common requirements:

1. Minimum of 12 hours of pre-license classroom study. The classroom study will cover things like your responsibilities as a bail agent, the laws and regulations, and the rights of criminal suspects

2. Passing written examination that will cover your classroom study

3. Having your state’s drivers license

4. Passing criminal background check. Any prior criminal conviction will disqualify you for the bail bondsman job

5. Be fingerprinted

6. Etc.

Some states require that you work under the supervision of a licensed agent before you get your own license. This does not take more than a year.

Some states also require you take recurrent bail agent courses and pass recurrent examinations. This is to make sure you are up to date on the laws and regulations.

Bail Bondsman Salary:
A bail bondsman starts out making $24,000 per year. This salary will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service. Eventually, most bail agents start their own agency after some years of experience. This is when they start making the big money.

Bail Bondsman School:
As you saw above, there is no formal education to become a bail bondsman. But if you are interested in getting a formal education before entering the profession, we advise you to major in the criminal justice. A criminal justice major will equip you with most of what you need to do the job.

If you are going this route, check out Kaplan University. Their administration of justice major will cover criminal justice and the management of criminal justice organizations. And it can be done online. Request for their no obligation free information by clicking here.

Bail Bondsman Business:
Being a bail bondsman is one of the best ways to get into business for yourself. However, it's not something you get into blindly. This is why we found the guide to help you out. If you're thinking about the bail bondsman business, you have to read this guide. For a small price, you gain valuable knowledge. This valuable knowledge will save you thousands of dollars in the future. You need to click this link to start.

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